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From the President and CEO

The Week in Review: September 21, 2015

Blair Richardson


Vital for Colorado,the Colorado Petroleum Council, Colorado Concern and more than 90 economic development groups, businesses and elected officials from across the state encourage the Colorado congressional delegation to support lifting the ban on oil exports.

"Lifting these 1970s-era restrictions could create new U.S. jobs, put downward pressure on fuel costs,and strengthen the energy security of America and its allies," said Tracee Bentley, Executive Director of the Colorado Petroleum Council, a division of the American Petroleum Institute." Colorado alone could gain nearly 5,000 jobs. "This is a clear win-win for U.S. workers and U.S. allies seeking an alternative to energy from countries like Iran and Russia. It's no wonder so many Colorado leaders support lifting this outdated ban."

While the ban remains a federal issue, Colorado is particularly well-positioned as an energy provider. With its vast oil supply, particularly in the Denver-Julesburg Basin, Colorado could be a prominent contributor to the country's oil exports if the ban was lifted.

"Colorado is blessed with abundant oil and natural gas resources,which have served as key drivers of our economy," said Robert Golden, President and CEO of the South Metro Denver Chamber, and Treasurer of Vital for Colorado."And study after non-partisan study has illustrated the incredible benefits that would be realized if we lifted the ban on oil exports. From lower national gasoline prices to thousands of new, high-paying Colorado jobs, it's high time for the outdated ban to go."

Organizations from across the state have expressed their support for overturning this policy, including the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry(CACI), the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver, the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance (which includes the Loveland, Fort Collins and Greeley Chambers as well as Upstate Colorado), the Grand Junction Economic Partnership, the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce,more than two dozen elected officials, and dozens more.

The letter submitted to Colorado's federal leaders highlights some of the benefits that would result from lifting the crude oil export ban.

Archived legislative updates can be viewed here.

Committed | Member Survey Highlights

Member engagement is critical in setting our agenda. Each fall our CEOs, business and community leaders provide their feedback to a public policy survey.

Jobs and the Economy

  • Fifty-two percent believe Colorado’s economic situation will be better a year from now. Almost 43 percent feel the economy will be “about the same”.
  • Forty-eight percent feel operating their business in Colorado is about the same as operating in most states. Twenty-four percent feel it is harder to operate in Colorado..

Colorado Concern's Top Five Issues for Elected Officials

  • Recruit and retain companies/job growth strategies.
  • Strengthen the process to put measures on the Colorado ballot.
  • Ensure attempts to ban energy development are stopped.
  • Address issues in multifamily construction defect laws.
  • Further K-12 education reform.

Policy Issues Facing the State of interest to Colorado Concern members

  • Protecting Colorado's business climate by stopping bad legislation and supporting measures that enhance job growth.
  • Recruiting, vetting and electing statewide candidates who have an understanding of business issues.
  • Stopping any attempt to ban energy development in Colorado, legislatively or at the ballot box.

Health Care

  • Nearly all of Colorado Concern members provide health insurance benefits to their employees.
  • A full 76 percent of them have experienced health insurance premium increases in the past year.
  • The majority of members seeing increases experienced premium bumps of 10 percent or more. This has caused half of those members to make changes to how they provide health insurance coverage to their employees.


Frustration with partisanship is at an all-time high, both in Washington and here at home.

  • Sixty-seven percent of Colorado Concern’s members are interested in learning about modifying our current political primary candidate election process by allowing unaffiliated voters to directly participate in primary elections.
  • Seventy-six percent support or removing the use of the party caucus system.

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