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From the President and CEO

The Week in Review: November 9, 2015

Mike Kopp


On this Veterans Day I invite you to take a moment to consider the broad and deep economic benefit that Colorado's defense sector plays in the economy. A landmark report released by the state Department of Military and Veterans Affairs earlier this year shows that defense has become the third-largest industry in the state, rivaling agriculture. I was very pleased to be reminded how important the Centennial State is to America's national security.

The report may be obtained by clicking the Military Value Study Reports at the homepage of Colorado's Department of Veterans and Military Affairs. It tells a powerful story about the state's seven military installations and their contribution to Colorado's economy.

Among the economic benefits Colorado enjoys with the military's presence here:

  • Almost one-third of Colorado's counties - 20 out of 64 -- have DOD-related jobs within their borders. Activity in three counties - El Paso, Arapahoe and Weld - produces $10.5 billion annually.
  • Total DOD-related employment amounts to or 170,000 jobs - which is 5.2 percent of the state's workforce.
  • Defense-related activity provides fully 6.5 percent of the Gross Regional Product (GRP).
  • Defense-related economic activity in just three counties - El Paso, Arapahoe and Weld - accounts for $10.5 billion annually.

The report also underscores that veterans who return home want to stay in Colorado not only because of our quality of life but because there are real career opportunities for them to build family-sustaining careers. The report shows that our state will continue to be a center of job growth in the defense sector and we want to make sure we plug our returning veterans into these life-changing opportunities

A key organization trumpeting Colorado's unique and very positive relationship with the defense sector, including the state's indispensible role in military training, is Colorado Wants You, chaired by Joe Blake, chancellor emeritus at Colorado State University and a Colorado Concern member. We at Colorado Concern are proud to host the headquarters for the group at our Denver office.

So on this Veterans Day, we salute not only the individual sacrifices made by military men and women, but also the positive role the entire military sector plays in Colorado's growing economy.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Kopp

Archived legislative updates can be viewed here.

Committed | Member Survey Highlights

Member engagement is critical in setting our agenda. Each fall our CEOs, business and community leaders provide their feedback to a public policy survey.

Jobs and the Economy

  • Fifty-two percent believe Colorado’s economic situation will be better a year from now. Almost 43 percent feel the economy will be “about the same”.
  • Forty-eight percent feel operating their business in Colorado is about the same as operating in most states. Twenty-four percent feel it is harder to operate in Colorado..

Colorado Concern's Top Five Issues for Elected Officials

  • Recruit and retain companies/job growth strategies.
  • Strengthen the process to put measures on the Colorado ballot.
  • Ensure attempts to ban energy development are stopped.
  • Address issues in multifamily construction defect laws.
  • Further K-12 education reform.

Policy Issues Facing the State of interest to Colorado Concern members

  • Protecting Colorado's business climate by stopping bad legislation and supporting measures that enhance job growth.
  • Recruiting, vetting and electing statewide candidates who have an understanding of business issues.
  • Stopping any attempt to ban energy development in Colorado, legislatively or at the ballot box.

Health Care

  • Nearly all of Colorado Concern members provide health insurance benefits to their employees.
  • A full 76 percent of them have experienced health insurance premium increases in the past year.
  • The majority of members seeing increases experienced premium bumps of 10 percent or more. This has caused half of those members to make changes to how they provide health insurance coverage to their employees.


Frustration with partisanship is at an all-time high, both in Washington and here at home.

  • Sixty-seven percent of Colorado Concern’s members are interested in learning about modifying our current political primary candidate election process by allowing unaffiliated voters to directly participate in primary elections.
  • Seventy-six percent support or removing the use of the party caucus system.

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