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Each year the Colorado General Assembly considers 500 or more pieces of legislation. Are you interested in which bills Colorado Concern is tracking during the 2015 legislative session and where each bill is in the process? Click here for an "At a Glance" status sheet, or for a real-time status sheet with additional details, click here.

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Click here to find out what issues Colorado Concern worked on during the 2015 state legislative session, locate and contact your elected federal, state and local officials, and learn more about important issues facing businesses in Colorado.

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Colorado Concern produces a weekly newsletter for its members during the Colorado State Legislative Session, January through May. Click here to view archives of these newsletters.

From the President and CEO

The Week in Review: July 27, 2015

Blair Richardson


Committed to a strong and vibrant future, Colorado Concern is an exclusive alliance of top executives with a common interest in enhancing and protecting the Centennial State's business climate. Founded in 1986 by a dozen committed individuals, Colorado Concern's membership now includes more than 110 CEOs and business and community leaders from across the state. These members are committing business leadership and financial resources to support legislative candidates and statewide policies that ensure a sound economic future for Colorado. The organization is recognized for providing unprecedented access to opinion leaders and elected officials and for its ability to financially support issues and candidates that positively impact the state's economic well-being.

The President and Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the leadership and management of Colorado Concern. The President/CEO reports to and works in partnership with the Board of Directors. The President/CEO is responsible for developing and managing relationships with Colorado Concern's members to accelerate progress on the organization's mission and goals.

This individual will have at least five years of progressive leadership experience in the corporate or government sectors. The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate the ability to operate effectively within a nonprofit governing environment.

This results-oriented leader will demonstrate success in operating a financially healthy and sustainable organization. This executive has experience mobilizing talent to support an impactful institution. This individual has experience building durable relationships with members, partners, stakeholders and constituencies. The ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge and experience in Colorado government relations and the state's political environment. As a key spokesperson for Colorado Concern, this individual must have strong verbal and written communication skills. A bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college or university is expected.

Additional information regarding this position is available here and at The deadline for applications is August 24, 2015 by contacting:

Raylene Decatur,
Principal, Kittleman & Associates, LLC,
299 Milwaukee Street, Suite 327, Denver, CO 80206

Archived legislative updates can be viewed here.

Committed | Member Survey Highlights

Member engagement is critical in setting our agenda. Each fall our CEOs, business and community leaders provide their feedback to a public policy survey.

Jobs and the Economy

  • Fifty-two percent believe Colorado’s economic situation will be better a year from now. Almost 43 percent feel the economy will be “about the same”.
  • Forty-eight percent feel operating their business in Colorado is about the same as operating in most states. Twenty-four percent feel it is harder to operate in Colorado..

Colorado Concern's Top Five Issues for Elected Officials

  • Recruit and retain companies/job growth strategies.
  • Strengthen the process to put measures on the Colorado ballot.
  • Ensure attempts to ban energy development are stopped.
  • Address issues in multifamily construction defect laws.
  • Further K-12 education reform.

Policy Issues Facing the State of interest to Colorado Concern members

  • Protecting Colorado's business climate by stopping bad legislation and supporting measures that enhance job growth.
  • Recruiting, vetting and electing statewide candidates who have an understanding of business issues.
  • Stopping any attempt to ban energy development in Colorado, legislatively or at the ballot box.

Health Care

  • Nearly all of Colorado Concern members provide health insurance benefits to their employees.
  • A full 76 percent of them have experienced health insurance premium increases in the past year.
  • The majority of members seeing increases experienced premium bumps of 10 percent or more. This has caused half of those members to make changes to how they provide health insurance coverage to their employees.


Frustration with partisanship is at an all-time high, both in Washington and here at home.

  • Sixty-seven percent of Colorado Concern’s members are interested in learning about modifying our current political primary candidate election process by allowing unaffiliated voters to directly participate in primary elections.
  • Seventy-six percent support or removing the use of the party caucus system.

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