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From the President and CEO

The Week in Review: October 27, 2014

For those of you who reside in the City and County of Denver, your ballot includes a municipal proposal that asks voters to reauthorize and expand the sales tax utilized to fund preschool options for the city's youngest residents.

Measure 2A proposes a 10-year, dedicated 15 cent sales tax on a $100 purchase, with the proceeds funding current efforts and increased access to preschool services through summer programing, an expansion into full or extended day programing and increased tuition assistance as costs of service rise.

Since its inception in 2006, the Denver Preschool Program has helped families with a 4-year-old afford preschool through tuition assistance. To date, $55 million has been utilized. The program is scaled based on need, and parents have the ability to choose the model that works best for them - within the Denver Public Schools system, a community-based program, family child care setting or Montessori. Today, nearly three-quarters of the city's 4-year-olds are enrolled in a preschool program, one of the highest statistics in the country. And, data is showing that the experience is paying off with more school-ready children who are testing well in vocabulary, literacy and math.

Colorado Concern was a founding member of EPIC - Executives Partnering to Invest in Children - a CEO-based organization focused on the importance of early childhood education to our future workforce. EPIC has endorsed this measure, as has the Denver Post. Colorado Concern member Donna Lynne and Colorado Forum Executive Director Gail Klapper authored an op-ed in the Denver Business Journal noting their support. If you believe our future workforce is crucial to our economic success, Measure 2A deserves a yes vote.

Should you have questions about this ballot measure or any other, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Tamra J. Ward
President and CEO
Colorado Concern

Archived legislative updates can be viewed here.

Committed | Member Survey Highlights

Member engagement is critical in setting our agenda. Each fall our CEOs, business and community leaders provide their feedback to a public policy survey.

Jobs and the Economy

  • Fifty-six percent believe Colorado’s economic situation will be better a year from now. Almost 33% feel the economy will be “about the same”.
  • Forty-seven percent feel operating their business in Colorado is about the same as operating in most states. Just 16 percent feel it is harder to operate in Colorado.

Colorado Taxes

  • Nearly 73 percent of respondents opposed the 2013 ballot measure implementing a graduated income tax to increase funding for education.

Colorado Concern's Top Five Issues for Elected Officials

  • Recruit and retain companies/job growth strategies
  • Protect tax credits and sales tax exemptions
  • Address issues in current construction defect law that limits “for sale” multi-family building
  • Ensure the regulation and enforcement of Amendment 64 (marijuana) is sound
  • Ensure transparency and fiscal solvency of PERA, the public sector retirement system

Policy Issues Facing the State of interest to Colorado Concern members

  • Electing statewide candidates who have an understanding of business issues
  • Increasing financial resources to programs like P-20 education, roads and bridges through a statewide ballot issue
  • Protecting Colorado’s business climate by stopping bad legislation, supporting measures that enhance job growth

Health Care

  • Ninety percent of Colorado Concern members provide health insurance benefits to their employees, but 80 percent do not believe federal reform will reduce the cost of care for them, or those they cover.


  • Frustration with partisanship is at an all-time high, both in Washington and here at home. More than half of Colorado Concern’s members are interested in learning about modifying our current political primary candidate election process, either allowing unaffiliated voters to directly part pate in primary elections, or removing the use of the party caucus system.


  • Eighty percent of Colorado Concern members have a clear understanding of hydraulic fracturing and how it is utilized by the energy industry. A similar amount – 82 percent – do not support efforts by local government to add additional levels of regulation, on top of state law, on the industry.

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