The organization engages in three primary areas: legislative advocacy, ballot issue campaigns and statewide candidate elections.

To make progress toward this important goal, Colorado Concern has developed a strong and positive policy agenda for 2016. This includes:

Regulatory Reform: As state regulation of the economy continues to grow and exceed its original intents, regulatory compliance costs in the state are becoming more and more onerous, hampering economic growth. Systemic reform of Colorado’s administrative state is needed. Regulatory costs represent a significant and increasingly onerous financial strain on Colorado’s economy.

Bringing about reform to our construction defects laws: We need to focus on expanding, not curtailing, opportunities for homeownership by reforming our state’s outdated construction defects laws – laws that stand in the way of the construction of attainable, affordable condominiums, which are often the first rung on the ladder of homeownership, especially for millennials who are looking to take advantage of Colorado’s strong job market.

Transportation funding: Declining fuel tax revenues, uncertain 228 transfers, and competition for General Fund dollars has strained the state’s transportation budget to where the General Fund cannot cover the cost of new road development, and even maintenance operations are facing a deficit. New revenue streams are needed, and the solution lies in implementing two elements: 1) create a special fund with 3 new revenue streams – a reform of the Specific Ownership Tax, redirection of funds that were used to pay for the TRANS bonds, which will be retired in 2017, and a $20 million per year backfill from the General fund in years where 228 transfers are reduced or eliminated; and 2) use the new SOT revenue to finance a new round of bonding.