Dr. Rick Kushner

President and CEO, Comfort Dental

Dr. Rick Kushner is the founder, president and CEO of Comfort Dental Group, Inc. and its sister company Comfort Dental Braces.  Dr. Kushner was born in Denver, CO in 1952, attended Wheat Ridge High School, and later the University of Colorado.  He attended dental school at the University of Marquette School of Dentistry before returning home to start his Dental career in 1977.

In 1981, Dr. Kushner formed Table Mountain Seminars and began giving lectures to dentists across the country about operating “lean and mean” dental practices.  When he was not lecturing, Dr. Kushner was opening, operating, and selling dental practices.  This led to the formation of Comfort Dental Group in 1993.

Comfort Dental practices are founded on the premise that a well-managed dental office can provide high-quality dentistry at inexpensive fees while providing the dentists with above average incomes.  The key, Dr. Kushner found, was controlling overhead through economies of scale, extended and weekend hours, and group practices.  He also formed Budget Dental Lab, a dental lab that presently employs over seventy-five technicians and is a key to the organization’s success.

Comfort Dental presently has over 110 dentist-owned practices in thirteen states.  These offices and dentists are committed to their community and even provide free dental care on Christmas Eve on a first-come, first-served basis.  Under the leadership of Dr. Kushner, Comfort Dental supports Dental Education; Assistance with Drug and Substance Abuse within the Profession; Youth Athletics; Special Olympics and numerous other causes.

February 27, 2018

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